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When this ministry was stared the Lord gave me this scripture: Job 26. I pondered on it and then it dawned on me,
that this ministry was only to reveal "Glimpses of His Glory".
Job 26 declares that it is God who spreads out the skies over the emptiness and hangs the earth upon nothing.
He stills or stirs up the sea by His power and He places a limit upon the waters and boundries between light and darkness...
And then I read this tremendous statement in v.14 which states that, from God's point of view all of these things are only "Glimpses of His Glory"!
Job 26:14:
(Amplified) " Yet these are but a small part of His doings, the outskirts of His ways or the mere fringes of His force, the faintest whisper of His voice!
Who dares contemplate or who can understand the thunders of His full, magnificent power?"
(Spirit Filled living Bible) "And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him!
Who then can understand the thunder of his power?"
(Afrikaanse ou vertaling) "Kyk dit is maar die uitlopers van sy wee, en watter fluisterwoord hoor ons maar van Hom!
Wie sou dan die donder van sy magtige dade verstaan?"
(Afrikaanse lewende vertaling) "Dit is maar die kleinste van sy werke, 'n fluistering van sy Krag! Wie kan dan die grootheid van sy krag begryp?"
In creating the heavens and the earth God displayed only "Glimpses of His Glory", but when God saved man, -the full force of his Magnificent Glory
was displayed.
The work of the cross was the manifestation of the fullness of God's power! The bible declares that the Word of the cross is the power of God
to those that believe.
Heb 3:1 "He is the sole expression of the glory of God. The light-being, the our-raying or radiance of the divine image of God's nature,
upholding and sustaining all.


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